A Stars is helping us to take some of the pressure off of daily struggles with a child with ASD. Our son shows difficult behaviours and challenging sensory problems, but at A Stars he can just "BE". He is with other children with the same "problems" and doesnít feel different or doesnít have to "keep himself together".  Out in this world ASD is still not accepted as it should be and it is an invisible disability, so itís hard to cope with people staring at my son (being awkward) or us (being "bad" parents). At A Stars we can let our hair down, we donít have to pretend or explain or feel awkward. Weíre all in the same boat. As we got the diagnosis for our son, we were devastated, but A Stars was like a net that caught us. Even at times when we canít attend the sessions on a Saturday, we still have the support from A Stars via Email, phone or in writing. And I couldnít be more grateful. I wouldnít know where else to turn to, as everyone at A Stars understands us best.

A Stars is very special for us as a family! My son feels very welcome and that is one time in the week where he is almost anxiety free!!!! (at school he is anxious all the time and at home quite often too when there are changes). His little brother feels included and has some special time too. We feel not just welcome, but so comfortable and included that we feel free to talk to anyone there and started trusting people and see this time as a special time for us a s a family.

Everything that A Stars offers us is amazing! Ideas, equipment (computer, wii, playstation, etc), activities, outings, books and so much more. Everything under one roof. Thanks so much.

Thanks to A Stars we donít feel so alone anymore with the problems weíve got and have ongoing support.

A-Stars provides our 14-year-old son with Asperger Syndrome his only opportunity to interact socially with other children.  As one of the older members of the club he assumes a role of responsibility with the younger ones, which, improves his confidence.  We cannot emphasise enough the importance to our son of the continued existence of A-Stars.

We would like to say how welcoming everyone was/is.  We are newcomers, so have met very few of the group, but it did not seem to
matter - everyone was friendly and put us at ease.  Our boys are a bit shy, but within seconds they were joining in.  They thoroughly
enjoyed themselves!  

We are so glad we have found this amazing support group.  Keep up the great work it is all very much appreciated!

Itís always so comforting to know that my son and I have somewhere to go and thatís why A Stars needs congratulating. There is always something to do and with friendly faces and great ideas we hope the group continues for many years to come.

I would just like to thank A Stars so much. Before coming to the group we didnít feel able to go out with our children. We now have a sense of belonging and it has given us so much more confidence. At last we can be a family again.

Itís very reassuring to be able to chat over things with other parents who have exactly the same issues.

A Stars is proving a great opportunity for my son. He is able to socialise in a positive way and have fun into the bargain! Thanks so much.

My childís confidence has increased so much since we began coming to A Stars. We also find that all the other parents are very understanding and no-one judges you anymore.

Coming to A Stars has changed our whole outlook on having a child with an ASD. We thought we were very much alone with the type of difficulties we have had Ė but no. We have realised that we are amongst people that truly understand and our children have also come to realise that having ASD in our family need not be anything to be ashamed of.

For me A Stars has given my son the chance to be himself - to be comfortable and at home despite being in a Ďgroupí. We both have difficulties with group situations but because the atmosphere is so relaxed it really doesnít matter if you are feeling tense or nervous. People just let you be yourself. Over the years A Stars has become his main socialising venue and personally I donít know what I would have done without it.